Standard bridge spans include 20, 40, 55, 60 and 89 ft. lengths. More commonly Paragon sells single units, such as a 40 ft. long, 8 ft. wide span. "We can make a bridge as long or as short as you want," he says. capacity and under, 2 by 4 or 2 by 6 decking is sufficient," he says. With over 30 years of experience and local engineering resources, we have placed hundreds of these bridges, ensuring our clients a successful bridge project. Double Railroad Flatcar Bridge. Dependable service is something one does not get very often. Wanted. Railroad Flat Car Bridges can be a viable and economical bridge replacement alternative. Also seen in Figure 10 is the maximum deflection of the bridge, 0.46 in. Rail Cars (1) Misc. Based on the conclusions of IHRB Project TR-444, Demonstration Project Using Railroad Flat Car Bridges for Low Volume Road Bridges, additional research on the use of RRFC bridges was undertaken. Great Job guys! Single Railroad Flatcar Vehicle Bridge. Steel Pipe With over 80 acres of inventory, we keep in stock all sizes of pipe and steel for any project big or small. "We saw some of the bridges that farmers had made with rail cars, and they turned out fantastic," recalls Figueroa. "We then send a computer model of the bridge and what it will look like. months[3]="March"; Retired flat car for a bridge; Discussion about shortline operator Genesee Valley Transportation, operator of the Delaware-Lackawanna; the Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern, the Falls Road Railroad; Depew, Lancaster & Western; and the Lowville & Beaver River railroads. Maximum bridge spans of 16.0m, 13.5 m, and Complete flatcars can be delivered on their own wheels to your designated private rail siding. Prefabricated Pedestrian Park Bridge. Steel Pipe Stillwater ok, Half Round Mud PitOil field Mud containment pits, Custom Steel Fabrication Boxcar Rail Cars (10) Coal Rail Cars (2) Construction Equipment (1) Box 1029 This portion of the project investigated the following: • Different design and rating procedures Structural engineering blueprints are available for an added charge. Re-purposed flatcars are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications, Rail cars are structurally designed to hold 70 tons. Call us for a quick quote today! Counties can purchase railcars for a fraction of the cost of steel beams and decking materials. They can be outfitted with a wide variety of decking and fixtures like handrails and other options. requires steel decking." Gross Weight on Rail: Range from 250,000 to 286,000 lbs. They did a great job. Mid-Am Equipment can supply flat car underframes to be used for bridge applications. months[5]="May"; Recent Shipments include: 53' X 10.4' Flatbed Railcar Bridge, - shipped from Gold Beach, Oregon to South Fork, Colorado Steel Pipe if (year < 2000) ". This system, just 2 miles in length, was designed by Gridley Bryant according to the book, "The American Railroad Freight Car," by John White, Jr, and based from British operations at the time. USE OF RAILROAD FLAT CARS FOR LOW-VOLUME ROAD BRIDGES. The bridges are safe." Flat Cars Company engineers are currently licensed in 35 states. After many years of experience in the bridge design and construction business, we realize that it is important that the bridge design engineer be familiar with the various types of railcars. 2. Abandoned slab bridge over Williamson Valley Dry Wash on Unnamed Road Location Paulden, Yavapai County, Arizona Status Derelict/abandoned Design Repurposed AT&SF railroad flat car 29081 Dimensions Total length: 80.0 ft. "We saw some of the bridges that farmers had made with rail cars, and they turned out fantastic," recalls Figueroa. P.O. The results of these projects verified that RRFCs are efficient and economical alternatives for low-volume road bridges. "We got some people together and analyzed the engineering.