It is intended for larger needs such as home heating and building projects. Please view our Remote Procedures document These have been updated as of The answer is almost always yes. Construction-related tree work permit applications must be received at least 20 business days prior to the start of work. If you would like to remove a tree between 44” & 99.9” in circumference, you will need a Special Tree Permit. Tree Removal Permit. To access an electronic version of the tree permit application, please visit the Central Permitting Documents and Forms page. and/or within Right-of-Way situations. COVID-19 PROCEDURE: The Public Works Department will adhere to a remote access protocol and is closed to interpersonal public contact effective March 18, 2020. If any information is found to be false or misrepresented, the permit will be deemed invalid. When is a Tree Removal and Replanting Permit required? 2021 Park & Ride Permit* | Open PDF file *Applications available by MAIL ONLY and will be released starting on January 6, 2021. If you would like to plant, prune, or remove a tree within the public right of way, then you will need a Public Space Tree Permit. If the tree is dead, the applicant can request a waiver, which has a $25.00 fee. Download: Tree Removal Application (PDF) Whenever an urban forest tree (a tree with a diameter greater than 7 ⅝ inches at 4.5 feet above ground) is to be removed, a Tree Removal Permit application is required. Obtain a Tree Permit (New Construction) Are you working on a new construction project and need to remove, relocate, or trim a tree(s)? We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. The other type of permit used for personal timber access on Crown land is called a Local Timber Permit (LTP). Or, are you looking to plant a tree in the right of way? Sand … Majestic trees have a diameter of greater than 36" at breast height. Freehold Shuttle Bus Route A | … A Tree Pruning or Tree Removal Permit is required to prune or remove any public tree and certain private trees. Tree Removal Application Permit | Open PDF file. Public Trees are those that occur on any County owned land (parks, building grounds, etc.) Both permits grant the holder the legal authority to harvest trees in designated areas. Specimen trees have a diameter of 18” or greater when measured at breast height. Protecting and permitting the removal of trees can be done either under a building permit or through an application to remove a dead, dying, diseased, or hazardous tree. Planting permit requests must be received no later than May 1 for a spring planting or December 1 for a fall planting. The City monitors all tree removal in order to keep our canopy healthy and beautiful. View the current tree ordinance (PDF) so that you continue to comply with Pasco County's codes.. The following may be allowed without a permit, but there are exceptions. Applications. During this time, tree permit applications may not be submitted online. Transportation Department. Sign-off is weather-dependent, so plan accordingly for … Any tree greater than 100” in circumference is a heritage tree and cannot be removed. Tree Removal Sketch Form | Open PDF file. Street trees: A permit is required to remove any street tree, except for sucker shoots or self-sown trees that are less than 1/2 inch in diameter. Tree Ordinance. A tree removal permit is required before removing any specimen or majestic trees. Do I need a tree permit? Copies of valid business license, certificate of insurance (for tree contractors), proof of identity, and Homeowner's Affidavit (if homeowner is not performing the work) must be submitted with the application form. To continue the provision of services while protecting the health of customers and employees staff will work remotely to process your tree permit. To remove a tree from residential property you must submit a tree permit application.

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