Line Maintenance of helicopters with one or more Turbine Engines and all associated systems including power plants, fuel systems and associated   pneumatic, hydraulic and air-conditioning systems. Making live tests function as intended requires both communication skills and technical skills. Still, the skills required of an aircraft engineer largely remain the same. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Education and Training. The Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Technology program offers the student the knowledge and skills required to enter a career as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician. Aircraft Engineering Technician. It has an upstream compressor coupled to a downstream turbine, and a combustion chamber in-between. Fax: +44 (0) 1738 553369 Aircraft are a complex mixture of systems maintained by an equally complex workforce. In countries like the US, people refer Aircraft Maintenance Engineer as Aviation Maintenance Technical Engineer, Aircraft Engineer, Aircraft Mechanic, or Aircraft Maintenance Technician. Most aerospace engineering and operations technicians work full time in manufacturing plants, laboratories, and offices. The video is Public Domain from the U. S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. /* ]]> */. A Ramp or Line Maintenance Certifying Mechanic is a person who is qualified to work on operational aircraft performing relatively minor maintenance tasks and replacement of parts that are required between major service overhauls and to subsequently certify these tasks; this work is generally done while the aircraft is in service, during turnarounds or overnight. Stability, structures, navigation and propulsion of aircraft. This aim is not simple to achieve. Aerospace engineering technician Alternative titles for this job include . AVIATION SYSTEMS TECHNICIAN. (function() { A Base Maintenance Certifying Technician is a person who is qualified to work on aircraft that require more complex maintenance tasks or have been withdrawn from service for routine periodic servicing or major overhauls and re-fits and who can then subsequently certify his/her own and other work. must provide a minimum number of training hours, 800 for Category A and 2400 for category B. must provide the required percentage of training hours for the development of practical skills on representative aircraft and systems, This includes Aircraft Maintenance Environment Training (AMET), at a Part 145 approved maintenance organisation. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technicians. lightbox: true "https://www" : "http://widget") + ""; Line Maintenance of helicopters with a Piston Engine and all associated systems including power plants, fuel systems and associated pneumatic, hydraulic and air-conditioning systems. For this reason, it is worth your while taking time to understand the licensing process for certifying Aircraft Engineers and the training that you will undertake if you choose Aircraft Engineering as your career. However when proper safety precautions are taken these incidents are low. Further details of these courses are given below. Seen from the ground, the flight of a jumbo jet or the launching of a space shuttle can seem like magic. 30+ days ago. 1 - 3 years. They are typically employed in laboratories, manufacturing, offices, or industrial plants. ces.src = ("https:" == document.location.protocol ? Piston Engines: (otherwise known as reciprocating engines) use fundamentally similar technology to those used by cars and motorcycles where pistons in cylinders are used to generate motive force for propulsion by turning pressure into a rotating motion. area_of_study: "53237562", Coursework may include drafting, computer skills, algebra, basic science, or trigonometry. A Category B Licence is required for this. Full-time. Experience on the job is a major plus. Source: Service IQ and Royal NZ Air Force, 2017. concentration: "9DE9F7D5", What type of Engineer do you want to be? }); Crieff Road It is becoming more common for aerospace engineer technicians to specialize in three-dimensional printing or additive manufacturing because of the need for advanced technology in this line of work. 78 Aircraft Engineer jobs and careers on totaljobs. IN THE CANADIAN FORCES. AST primarily provides training for the higher level Category B License. Program Information The Aviation Maintenance Technical Engineer (AMTE) program trains the student on subjects ranging from the basic […] Scottsdale, AZ 85255 The Aircraft Engineer is also known as an Aircraft Technician at times. Let us deal with the type of work and the licences required first. AST (UK.147.0002, EASA.UK.147.0002, CAAN.147.001) is approved by the UKCAA, EASA and Nepalese Civil Aviation Authority under Part 147 for training and examination to meet the knowledge requirements of the Part 66, Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML) in Categories A1, A2, A3, B1.1, B1.2, B1.3, & B2. An aerospace engineer technician tests spacecraft, missiles, and aircraft to ensure they meet compliance requirements. To become a Licensed Aircraft Engineer, there are two licensing routes that candidates may follow, all of which have both basic knowledge and experience requirements that must be met before the regulating authority will issue a licence. 7339 E Williams Dr #26326 Leverage your professional network, and get hired. Both the ongoing English for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Technicians and Mechanics course and the Aircraft Maintenance English workshop are taught by Native English speaking aircraft engineers who enable learners to improve their communication skills (particularly of technical language) so that they can work more confidently and effectively. New Aircraft Engineer Technician jobs added daily. An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME), also Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME or L-AME), is a licensed person who carries out and certifies aircraft maintenance.The license is widespread internationally and is recognised by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). This job can pose health hazards as one is exposed to toxic materials or equipment. For the aerospace engineering and operations technicians who work on these modern marvels up close, these events are part of their everyday jobs. /*
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