In 2008, the United States of America was heading towards an economic recession. Same reason he won so easily in 2012: He had the support of the mainstream media. Ten years ago, Barack Obama won a historic election. Another quote in the article also had a familiar ring: Democrat Barack Obama, then junior United States Senator from Illinois, defeated Republican John McCain. Top Contributors, 2008 Cycle. US elections: Barack Obama wins Democratic nomination for president Ewen MacAskill in Washington and Suzanne Goldenberg in St Paul, Minnesota Tue 3 Jun 2008 … Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been widely criticized by mainstream media for warning of voter fraud and “rigged” elections, but a video of then-senator Barack Obama campaigning in 2008 shows him acknowledging that voter fraud occurs. Blacks made up a larger share of the electorate in 2008 (13%) than they did in 2004 (11%) or 2000 (10%), and they supported Obama at higher rates than they did either Kerry or Gore. The organizations themselves did not donate, rather the money came from the organizations' PACs, their individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals' immediate families. The field of candidates seeking the nomination for both parties was large. 1995: In July, Obama—at age 34—publishes his first memoir, Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.In August, Obama files paperwork to run for incumbent Alice Palmer's Illinois Senate seat. Domestic policy and the economy eventually emerged as the main themes in the last few months of the election campaign after the onset of the 2008 economic crisis. On August 27, 2008, at the Democratic National Convention, the Democratic Party formally nominated Barack Obama to run for the office of the President of the United States of America. Not only did Biden run alongside President Barack Obama in 2008, but also he ran his own campaign that year and once before in 1988. New York: Former US President Bill Clinton had taken a racial jibe at Barack Obama in 2008, saying "this guy would have been carrying our bags", a report claimed on Monday. Along with his running mate, Vice President Joe Biden, Barack Obama was opposed in the general election by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, along with various minor candidates from other parties. In honor of the anniversary of his campaign, we take a look back at five unforgettable moments, from the first announcement of his bid for President to the night the world watched his acceptance speech. Barack Obama: Barack Obama, a junior senator from Illinois, ran for the presidency in 2008 after the economic recession that began in 2007. Photo 2008: A Look Back at President Barack Obama's Historic Election. Hillary Clinton faces an African American opponent, Barack Obama, in her bid for the 2008 Democratic nomination. The 2008 election witnessed unprecedented use of social media, such as Facebook, and video-sharing media, like YouTube, by candidates, journalists, and voters. Barack Obama: Barack Obama (born 1961) is an American politician who served as the 44th President of the United States from 2009 to 2017. After winning a majority of delegates in the Democratic primaries of 2008, on August 23, leading up to the convention, the campaign announced that Senator Joe Biden of Delaware would be the vice presidential nominee. They harkened back to several years back when a young, fresh-faced Illinois Senate candidate named Barack Hussien Obama was running for his first seat — and get this one — CNN called it “hardball” when Obama used “election rules” to win his primary. Senator John McCain became the Republican nominee, and Senator Barack Obama clinched the Democratic nomination. First out of the box was the House bill. Thompson was a towering figure on court and off John McCain received 46 … I received an email today from a black elder asking me to reprint a column I wrote for an African American newspaper in April of 2008 detailing the persistent racism in the Clinton campaign as it tried to derail Barack Obama's historic run for the American presidency. Obama won the moderate vote 60–39 and the independent vote 52–44.Joe Biden also made history by becoming the first Roman Catholic to be elected vice president. As the Washington Post reported on a July 2007 Washington Post-ABC poll: Overall, 45 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents support Clinton to be the party’s nominee, with Obama second at 30 percent. Former U.S. President Barack Obama has said his wife, Michelle, "does not like politics" and will not run for president in the future. 1988: Obama is a summer associate at the Chicago law firm Sidley & Austin. Who will run against Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election? This year Obama generated moderately more coverage this year than he did in 2008, in part because some of it was focused not on … The 2012 reelection campaign of Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, was formally announced on April 4, 2011. Obama won the 2008 presidential election in part because he consistently exhibited wise judgment on the Iraq War, and because he insisted on the correct course of action. NRA campaigned against Barack Obama on gun control issues; ... On Saturday, he said, he did as much business as he would normally do in a week. It cost $894 billion over 10 years. As President Obama's second term in the White House begins to wind down, take a look back at his historic election night in 2008. At the same time, there is little doubt that Obama’s race was a factor in bringing out large numbers of new African American voters to the polls. Timeline of Obama's Political Career . That's $40 billion more than the Senate's subsequent bill and just below President Barack Obama's original target of $900 billion. In 2012, Obama won a majority of both the electoral and popular votes, as he did in 2008. He pledged to end the Great Recession and change the policies that had caused it. During the primaries, the DNC decides who they want as both the Republican and the Democratic nominee. About 62 percent of the public turned out to vote in the 2008 presidential election. RELATED: Donald Trump Responds to Michelle Obama's Criticism, Saying He'll 'Never Forgive' Barack Obama The 2008 presidential campaign of Barack Obama, then junior United States Senator from Illinois, was announced on February 10, 2007, in Springfield, Illinois. Organization totals include subsidiaries and affiliates. Then-Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton debate in Austin on February 21, 2008. While running for office in 2008, Barack Obama made many promises about fixing the economy. Barack Obama from the Democratic Party defeated John McCain to win the presidency, and is the first African-American president. LeBron's kid joins pro league, but it's not the NBA. 1992: Obama graduates from Harvard and returns to Chicago. The candidate also promised to solve many long-term economic problems, like the high cost of health care, U.S. dependence on foreign oil, and the stimulation of more technology and innovation. Back in 2008 CNN wrote a glowing piece on Obama’s first Senate run. ... has run out of some models -- … Barack Obama gained much of his early traction by speaking out against the war in Iraq. Barack Obama obtained 53 percent of the popular vote and 365 Electoral College votes, including 112 from nine states that had gone for Bush in 2004. It is how Barack Obama destroyed his enemies back in 1996 that conflicts with his message today. Obama would go on to win the presidential election against Republican nominee John McCain . ... 21% backed him to take on Barack Obama. This table lists the top donors to this candidate in the 2008 election cycle. He cites his initial opposition to the war as the crown-jewel example of his judgment on foreign affairs. The U.S. House of Representatives passed its first version of the Healthcare Reform Bill on November 8, 2009, after announcing it on October 29, 2009. House Healthcare Reform Plan . He may have gotten his start registering thousands of voters. He writes that she told him, “I … But that fool emerged in the person of Barack Obama. She wanted me to "remind the American people of how far the Clintons had stooped" a mere eight years ago. For workers, lower pay under Trump's payroll tax plan. Nine states changed allegiance from the 2004 election. Obama largely defused the crisis by giving a speech in Philadelphia on March 18, 2008, repudiating Wright's statements and thoughtfully outlining his own views on race relations. On February 16, Barack Obama gave a speech in Wisconsin where he answered allegations from his main political rival, Hillary Clinton, that all he had to offer was “just words”. In his new book, former President Barack Obama speaks about Michelle Obama’s opposition to his 2008 presidential run.